100 reasons for 100 days

Happy birthday Rose.

In honour of 100 days since you were unceremoniously removed from your first home, I have decided to list 100 reasons why you are perfect in my eyes.

1. Your gummy toothless smile. You are such a happy baby, and it’s an honour to see you grow up and the different things that make you smile each day 

2. Your laugh. So far you have been more sparing with your giggles. Which makes them all the more rewarding when they happen.

3. The way when you are excited, you wave your two fists in the air.

4. Same for when you are most upset. We know it’s going to be a big cry when your fists clench and you start waving them. 

5. The times when you lets out huge sighs without warning. People have told me off all my life for sighing like that. But I’m delighted you do it too. 

6. Your cooing. Even from 6 weeks old, I could sit and have a conversation with you. Already a chatterbox!!

​7. The way you can go from sadness to happiness with no in between. I need to be try and be more like you. 

8. The way my heart aches when I hear you cry.

9. The way my fingers fit perfectly in your grasp.

10. Your fascination with Peppa Pig

11. Your equal fascination with the fireplace!

12. The way you coo back at us when we read you stories.

13. Your love for bath time. 

14. The new baby smell, which is particularly special when you are just bathed.

15. The way you love your Moses basket. I’m so grateful that we didn’t have to spend hundreds trying different sleep tools.

16. Your sleep! My god child, you are better than we ever could have hoped for!!

17. The way you wake up smiling in the morning. It is a treat to wake up to the sound of you chatting away.

18. My lazy mornings in bed with you. 

19. Your love for milk. May I never have to worry whether you are getting enough.

20. The excited squeak you give out when you know feeding time is near 

21. The noise you make when you latch on. Not dissimilar to a lion about to chomp into a steak 

(An accurate photo of you when you see a boob)

22. Your milk drunk face.

23. When you fall asleep latched on and roll off with your mouth open 😍

24. The sound of your snores.

25. Your fabulous loud farts.

27. The happiness I feel when you burp after a good feed.

28. Your beautiful, colour changing eyes.

29. Your tears and how they make me feel. I would do anything to stop you crying.

30. Your beautiful eyelashes. They are show stopping.

31. Your perfect Rose bud lips.

33. Your adorably chubby cheeks.

34. Your perfect dimples.

35. Your soft hair

36. Your perfectly upturned nose

37. Everything about this perfect little face.

38. Your chubby legs. I hope you never ever feel insecure about them. They are just perfect.

39. Your arms. Ditto. They are wonderful.

40. Your tiny little hands. The way you can use them to express your emotions perfectly.

41. Your gorgeous mini toes.

42. Your little baby bum. I don’t think that there has ever been a mummy in the world who hasn’t thought her babies bottom is the best sight ever. They are wrong. Yours is better.

43. Our walks together throughout the village. 

44. Our trips to rhythm time. 

45. The ways I can see you developing before my eyes at these classes.

46. Our trips to the supermarket. I get to talk all the way round without being crazy. 

47. Our special trips out with grandma. 

48. The memories you are making with your great nana. No 98 year age gap will stop you.

49. The way you are lulled to sleep by the movements of the car. Like clockwork.

50. The way you have remained patient with me and my many failed efforts to strap you into your car seat. 

51. Same for the way you put up with me having to constantly change your little wet dribble bibs.

52. Your love for your special baby chair. It’s wonderful to see you master your own space.

53. The way you are just starting to develop an interest in toys. I can’t wait to see you play more in the future.

54. The time we visited baby and toddler group and you fell in love with an elderly cuddly lion on a string. Probably your favourite toy yet. 

55. Our trips to coffee cloud. Where you are able to cuddle next to me on the sofa.

56. When you were so brave in your heel prick test and resisted the urge to cry.

57. The day of your injections and the evening we spent cuddled together trying to fix your pain.

58. How loud you cry. Never let your voice be silenced. 

59. The relief I experience when you feel happy enough to stop the tears.

60. Your frown. It is spectacular 

61. The way you smile when I kiss your cheeks.

62. Your arms wrapping around my neck when you need a cuddle.

63. The relief I hear in your cry when I hold you.

64. Our moments together comfort feeding. 

65. The times you fall asleep on my shoulder.

66. The way you wave your legs in the air when on the changing table to help us when changing your nappy.

67. Your many desperate attempts to roll over. You will get there one day! 

68. The fact that no noise phases you. You can easily sleep through the smoke alarm (which I set off more than I would like to admit)

69. Your bear suits. My god you are adorable. 

70. Your strength. You could hold your head up from a few weeks old and you insist on standing up whenever you can. 

71. The way you sometimes startle yourself awake when you fart

72. The fact that you still respond to the sound of the hairdryer the same way you did when you were in my tummy, by kicking ! 

73. Your different cries for different things. 

74. The millions of little ways you tell me what you are feeling.

75. The times I look over and you are staring at me

76. The way you studiously study the faces of others. Always learning. 

77. Everything about your knowing little face. She’s been here before that one! 

78. The parts of you that look like me. Your eyes, your expressions, your hair.

79. The parts of you that look like daddy. Your cheeks, your smile, your nose.

80. The fact that the person you look most like is yourself. Truly an individual.

81. Your name and all the significance it holds for me. Rose Victoria.

82. The way you have helped me accept myself and all my flaws. Progress is slow but I’m getting there. 

83. The special bond we have together. 

84. Knowing that, one day when you are a teenager and we will fight, that I will still love you more than anything, and that I vow to be as supportive as possible!

85. The many possible futures you could achieve. I want to see you live your best life.

86. The bond you have with your daddy z

87. The fact that I am sure one day in the future you will be a daddy’s girl, and I will have to be okay with that.

88. The way you have made him grow and excel at being a father. 

89. How brilliantly you have united people, without even knowing it.

90. The thought of you in the bridesmaids dress you will wear soon.

91. Knowing that you have provided focus and a purpose to my life.

92. The fact that you were so wanted, and that you are now better then we ever could have hoped for.

93. The first night you spent on this Earth I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t stop staring at you. That feeling is priceless. 

94. The way you have made me vow to better myself, so I can be the best I can be for you.

95. The strength you have given me.

96. The feeling I have when we are together.

97. The feeling I have when we are apart, even when you are asleep I miss you.

98. The way you have made us a family.

99. Everything on this list

100. And hundreds more reasons, too many to count.

I love you Rose. We both do!


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