My genius baby

How on earth does a thirteen week old baby understand the difference between Peppa pig and any other television? Other television does not particularly interest her for more than a few seconds. 

But put on peppa pig and she is the most excited she ever gets. She can be inconsolable, screaming blue murder, too upset to latch, and as soon as peppa pig comes on, she is cooing and giggling away.

I don’t understand. It can’t be the plot. Or the character development. She is three months old for gods sake. 

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t use the television as a parent. It isn’t always on in our house. I discovered this secret one day when I wanted to shower without having to get out every five minutes to stop her crying. I tried peppa pig on the iPad and it worked a treat.

Ever since then, it has been useful to have this weapon in our ammunition . There is nothing I hate more than my baby crying. If a shiny cartoon helps her calm down enough to be comforted sometimes then I say that’s a good thing right? 

I will end with a video of Rose enjoying her favourite show yesterday. Not minutes before she was suffering dreadfully with her teething and was sobbing in pain. A few minutes of peppa pig made her so happy that I could treat her pain and feed her. 

Happy baby ❤️


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