Crying it out…. (or not)

To my beautiful daughter…

I want you to understand, that I will always be there for you. However old you are, whatever your worry is, I resolve to be there and listen and understand as best as I can.

I want you to never feel like if you call I won’t come running.

This is why I have made the choice to hold you every time you cry when you are still my baby. 

I want you to understand that no matter how upset you get, you can calm down. It will get better. 

I can’t deny it is hard. That there hasn’t been times when you won’t stop crying no matter what, and I just want to shut the door and leave you for a few minutes. I love you unconditionally but anyone screaming in my ear can be a little unpleasant, even when it’s you. 

But right now, you are my baby. And I have to do my best to understand that when something is wrong, you don’t understand it and it scares you. Even a little tummy ache must be terrifying for you when you can’t put it into words and don’t know if it will ever end. You need your mummy.

One day, I hope to see you developing these skills all by yourself. I hope you can learn from me and find the strength to calm yourself down whenever possible.

But know that, whenever you can’t. I will be there. To help you make it better


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