Welcome to my blog

Hi everyone. Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. I’m looking forward to getting involved in the world of mummy blogging. 

So first things first, introductions. 

My name is Lauren. I’m a twenty something, once rock chick (are you ever really too old for  coloured hair and thick Crayola eye liner? Probably) and mum to a beautiful baby girl called Rose. 

This is Rose and I. She is pulling my standard, trying to look spontaneous and fun photo face. She’s very much my daughter.

At the time of writing, I am on maternity leave, taking a break from horsing unruly ten year olds, or teaching primary as most people call it. Despite what everyone said, so far motherhood is easy. When you have tried to control 30 very competitive, aggressive children playing dodgeball in a hall much too small with your boss in the next room listening to every scream, nothing again seems too bad. 

So onto Rose. She’s pretty brilliant. She’s ten weeks old and already a funny, strong and incredible little character. 

Rose is a breastfed, cloth bummed (half and half at the moment, but we are getting there) delicious little munchkin. I, looking forward to using this blog to review some parenting gadgets and other things I am using to get me through the days. 

Of course, when it comes to my little missus, it took two to tango, so I would like to introduce to my lovely fiancée and best friend Elliot. 

My partner in crime and 5 o clock reinforcement. Elliot is very good with putting p with my various insecurities and quirks and is the only person who knows me better than myself. There is not much I could do without him.

So it’s about time I stopped rattling on about myself. If anyone out there has managed to read all of my ramblings then well done and thank you. 


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