Review- Mamas and papas urbo 2- liberty print

I have a confession to make. 

Choosing my pram was the hardest thing I did all 2016.

I mean obviously, that’s not true. I endured being pregnant for nine months. I gave birth to a real life human being. I shaved my legs whilst I was wider then I was tall. But aside from all that, the pram was pretty tricky too.
For a long time, all I wanted was a cosatto ooba in duck egg blue. This is an old design, and so my searching proved fruitless. They basically don’t exist anymore.

I kind of felt like i would never love again, after the ooba heartbreak set in (no I’m not being melodramatic, this is all perfectly rational) I looked high and low for something just as gorgeous to match it. 

And I found it 

Clearly, this pram is truly majestic. The pattern is just beautiful, the brown leatherette handles are perfect and even the chassis is super gorgeous. From an aesthetic point of view, this pram is just perfect.

So far I can only review the carry cot function, as Rose is yet to move on. She loves being in her pram, and when she is having a melt down,  being in it is one of the few things that calms her down.

The pram makes for a very smooth ride. Even crossing over the bumpiest of paths, little miss stays firmly asleep. A big problem though is if you try and go off road. The urbo is clearly designed for city life (urbo- urban get it??) and so the moment I tried to take it on a dog walk, it got a little stuck in the mud. 

The chassis is really lightweight and is super easy to collapse. I also drive a particularly pathetically small car, and I can fit the entire thing in. (I have to detach the front wheels, but that takes seconds) This is definitely a major plus. Well done mamas and papas for thinking of us full grown adults who still drive teenager starter cars. 👏🏻 

You can also buy adapters that turn this into a travel system and make it compatible with certain car seats. Word of warning though, they are labelled right and left as if you were facing the pram and not as if you were standing by the handle bars, which is annoying. 

Overall, the overall beauty and attention to detail with this pram makes it a definite winner. Mamas and papas clearly know their stuff when it comes to design. Just a thought though, I wish they would branch out into car seats. I mean one in this print would just make me the happiest. 

Pros: Lighteeight, easy handling, folds to flat, car seat compatible, extendable handlebar, thoughtful safety strap, super comfy for baby, gorgeous pattern. Beautiful design and attention to detail.

Cons: Struggles off road. No matching car seat. Accessories are extra and not always easy to find, I still can’t track down a pram liner. 


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