Review- Eleanor Mary designs Milestone cards

When I found out I was pregnant, I found myself bombarded with must haves I needed to get right away. Thousands of different “must-have” sleep solutions suddenly started stalking my facebook targeted advertising andeveryone and their mother started telling me all the necessary equipment I would need to breastfeed (sidenote- all I have needed are my boobs)

So for that reason I have decided to do something a little different and review not something I needed but something I wanted.

Milestone cards are becoming more and more popular in today’s social media world, and I was not immune to their appeal. Being a bit of a perfectionist sometimes, I was desperate to have something a little different from the pack that was for sale on every other Mothercare counter and so I scoured my favourite place on the internet, etsy, and stumbled upon this beautiful set.


Eleanor Mary is an independent designer based in the U.K who designs and produces different Milestone cards for different occasions.

These cards are gorgeously stylish and very good quality. They include milestones for up to twelve weeks and the months up to one year. Here is Rose with some of my favourites.

(Rose did not enjoy being a Christmas baby)

These cards also include some other milestones, such as smiling, giggling and rolling over.



The real advantage of these cards is that the designer loves making individual, personalised cards for milestones individual to your baby. I’m thinking of getting one for Rose to hold on our wedding day to celebrate being a bridesmaid!

Recently, Eleanor Mary has released a set of my first Milestone cards which I quickly ordered. These are equally gorgeous. I haven’t seen anything similar on the market so they are definitely worth getting. Every time we go anywhere I can’t help but check the cards to see if we can use another one.

Aren’t they (and my baby) gorgeous?

I would totally recommend these cards to any instagram conscious mums out there. I can’t wait to look back over her first years and remember all these beautiful moments. 

Pros:Beautiful design, good quality, excellent personal service.

Cons: Nothing, these are exactly what I wanted.

Please check out Eleanor Mary designs on both notontgehighstreet and etsy.


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