Rose and Rebellion baby and toddler carrier

So I'm back! It has been a while since I wrote a blog post but I have been so busy, what with returning to work, starting baby led weaning and just general parenthood life 😩😴
So as my little munchkin has grown, she has become a champion wiggler. She can escape from just about anything, a cuddle, a bouncy chair but most importantly, her stretchy wrap.
Imagine my surprise when I looked down whilst walking through the Devon countryside to find monster trying to climb out of the wrap and about to use my face as a handhold.

Plotting her escape

So I decided that this was officially the time to move on from the stretchy wrap and look at something else. With the help of my favourite online breastfeeding mummy community, I settled on a buckle carrier instead of a woven or ring sling and one company stood out to me in particular….
I chose the Rose and Rebellion based on a gut reaction to the name and the positive reviews of others. I instantly loved the patterns on their website and settled on this beautiful dinosaur print. I'm a big fan of dinosaurs at the moment

I was instantly impressed with the level of communication I got with the company owner on Facebook. It felt like dealing with a real person, not your average business transaction.

My carrier arrived really quickly after ordering. Since it arrived, I have been able to use it twice. Once on a day out at Warwick Castle and again today at Birmingham Think Tank.
The first thing I noticed at Warwick Castle was that Rose fell asleep about 10 minutes in! She never EVER slept in the stretchy so this is huge progress. The Rose and Rebellion also has a lovely sleep hood which stopped her head rolling back. She slept for about 20 minutes whilst I walked up 500 steps to reach the top of some of the towers. I felt like Rose was safe and secure the whole time, even on the tiniest, winding medieval staircase!

There was way too much going on at the Think tank for Rose to even consider sleeping. But because the carrier kept her nice and high, she was able to see all the sights without escaping once.

I'm really happy that I chose to upgrade to a buckle carrier and I'm incredibly pleased with my choice of a Rose and Rebellion. What started as a preference based on the name alone has become a real passion for the brand. Both Rose and I are completely comfortable and the more I see it, the more I love the print!

This carrier is also suitable for back carrying but I am yet to try it. I enjoy the kisses and chats I get with front carrying and the fact I get to check in on her at all times. I'm sure when she's a bit older I might try a back carry.

If you are considering baby wearing, I also recommend speaking to a local sling library and trying out a few different carriers. They are also brilliant for making sure you are safely carrying.


100 reasons for 100 days

Happy birthday Rose.

In honour of 100 days since you were unceremoniously removed from your first home, I have decided to list 100 reasons why you are perfect in my eyes.

1. Your gummy toothless smile. You are such a happy baby, and it’s an honour to see you grow up and the different things that make you smile each day 

2. Your laugh. So far you have been more sparing with your giggles. Which makes them all the more rewarding when they happen.

3. The way when you are excited, you wave your two fists in the air.

4. Same for when you are most upset. We know it’s going to be a big cry when your fists clench and you start waving them. 

5. The times when you lets out huge sighs without warning. People have told me off all my life for sighing like that. But I’m delighted you do it too. 

6. Your cooing. Even from 6 weeks old, I could sit and have a conversation with you. Already a chatterbox!!

​7. The way you can go from sadness to happiness with no in between. I need to be try and be more like you. 

8. The way my heart aches when I hear you cry.

9. The way my fingers fit perfectly in your grasp.

10. Your fascination with Peppa Pig

11. Your equal fascination with the fireplace!

12. The way you coo back at us when we read you stories.

13. Your love for bath time. 

14. The new baby smell, which is particularly special when you are just bathed.

15. The way you love your Moses basket. I’m so grateful that we didn’t have to spend hundreds trying different sleep tools.

16. Your sleep! My god child, you are better than we ever could have hoped for!!

17. The way you wake up smiling in the morning. It is a treat to wake up to the sound of you chatting away.

18. My lazy mornings in bed with you. 

19. Your love for milk. May I never have to worry whether you are getting enough.

20. The excited squeak you give out when you know feeding time is near 

21. The noise you make when you latch on. Not dissimilar to a lion about to chomp into a steak 

(An accurate photo of you when you see a boob)

22. Your milk drunk face.

23. When you fall asleep latched on and roll off with your mouth open 😍

24. The sound of your snores.

25. Your fabulous loud farts.

27. The happiness I feel when you burp after a good feed.

28. Your beautiful, colour changing eyes.

29. Your tears and how they make me feel. I would do anything to stop you crying.

30. Your beautiful eyelashes. They are show stopping.

31. Your perfect Rose bud lips.

33. Your adorably chubby cheeks.

34. Your perfect dimples.

35. Your soft hair

36. Your perfectly upturned nose

37. Everything about this perfect little face.

38. Your chubby legs. I hope you never ever feel insecure about them. They are just perfect.

39. Your arms. Ditto. They are wonderful.

40. Your tiny little hands. The way you can use them to express your emotions perfectly.

41. Your gorgeous mini toes.

42. Your little baby bum. I don’t think that there has ever been a mummy in the world who hasn’t thought her babies bottom is the best sight ever. They are wrong. Yours is better.

43. Our walks together throughout the village. 

44. Our trips to rhythm time. 

45. The ways I can see you developing before my eyes at these classes.

46. Our trips to the supermarket. I get to talk all the way round without being crazy. 

47. Our special trips out with grandma. 

48. The memories you are making with your great nana. No 98 year age gap will stop you.

49. The way you are lulled to sleep by the movements of the car. Like clockwork.

50. The way you have remained patient with me and my many failed efforts to strap you into your car seat. 

51. Same for the way you put up with me having to constantly change your little wet dribble bibs.

52. Your love for your special baby chair. It’s wonderful to see you master your own space.

53. The way you are just starting to develop an interest in toys. I can’t wait to see you play more in the future.

54. The time we visited baby and toddler group and you fell in love with an elderly cuddly lion on a string. Probably your favourite toy yet. 

55. Our trips to coffee cloud. Where you are able to cuddle next to me on the sofa.

56. When you were so brave in your heel prick test and resisted the urge to cry.

57. The day of your injections and the evening we spent cuddled together trying to fix your pain.

58. How loud you cry. Never let your voice be silenced. 

59. The relief I experience when you feel happy enough to stop the tears.

60. Your frown. It is spectacular 

61. The way you smile when I kiss your cheeks.

62. Your arms wrapping around my neck when you need a cuddle.

63. The relief I hear in your cry when I hold you.

64. Our moments together comfort feeding. 

65. The times you fall asleep on my shoulder.

66. The way you wave your legs in the air when on the changing table to help us when changing your nappy.

67. Your many desperate attempts to roll over. You will get there one day! 

68. The fact that no noise phases you. You can easily sleep through the smoke alarm (which I set off more than I would like to admit)

69. Your bear suits. My god you are adorable. 

70. Your strength. You could hold your head up from a few weeks old and you insist on standing up whenever you can. 

71. The way you sometimes startle yourself awake when you fart

72. The fact that you still respond to the sound of the hairdryer the same way you did when you were in my tummy, by kicking ! 

73. Your different cries for different things. 

74. The millions of little ways you tell me what you are feeling.

75. The times I look over and you are staring at me

76. The way you studiously study the faces of others. Always learning. 

77. Everything about your knowing little face. She’s been here before that one! 

78. The parts of you that look like me. Your eyes, your expressions, your hair.

79. The parts of you that look like daddy. Your cheeks, your smile, your nose.

80. The fact that the person you look most like is yourself. Truly an individual.

81. Your name and all the significance it holds for me. Rose Victoria.

82. The way you have helped me accept myself and all my flaws. Progress is slow but I’m getting there. 

83. The special bond we have together. 

84. Knowing that, one day when you are a teenager and we will fight, that I will still love you more than anything, and that I vow to be as supportive as possible!

85. The many possible futures you could achieve. I want to see you live your best life.

86. The bond you have with your daddy z

87. The fact that I am sure one day in the future you will be a daddy’s girl, and I will have to be okay with that.

88. The way you have made him grow and excel at being a father. 

89. How brilliantly you have united people, without even knowing it.

90. The thought of you in the bridesmaids dress you will wear soon.

91. Knowing that you have provided focus and a purpose to my life.

92. The fact that you were so wanted, and that you are now better then we ever could have hoped for.

93. The first night you spent on this Earth I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t stop staring at you. That feeling is priceless. 

94. The way you have made me vow to better myself, so I can be the best I can be for you.

95. The strength you have given me.

96. The feeling I have when we are together.

97. The feeling I have when we are apart, even when you are asleep I miss you.

98. The way you have made us a family.

99. Everything on this list

100. And hundreds more reasons, too many to count.

I love you Rose. We both do!

My genius baby

How on earth does a thirteen week old baby understand the difference between Peppa pig and any other television? Other television does not particularly interest her for more than a few seconds. 

But put on peppa pig and she is the most excited she ever gets. She can be inconsolable, screaming blue murder, too upset to latch, and as soon as peppa pig comes on, she is cooing and giggling away.

I don’t understand. It can’t be the plot. Or the character development. She is three months old for gods sake. 

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t use the television as a parent. It isn’t always on in our house. I discovered this secret one day when I wanted to shower without having to get out every five minutes to stop her crying. I tried peppa pig on the iPad and it worked a treat.

Ever since then, it has been useful to have this weapon in our ammunition . There is nothing I hate more than my baby crying. If a shiny cartoon helps her calm down enough to be comforted sometimes then I say that’s a good thing right? 

I will end with a video of Rose enjoying her favourite show yesterday. Not minutes before she was suffering dreadfully with her teething and was sobbing in pain. A few minutes of peppa pig made her so happy that I could treat her pain and feed her. 

Happy baby ❤️

A life in the day with Rose Victoria (Three months)

My day starts with the ear splitting, nightmare inducing of Elliot’s alarm screeching. This happens about three times before he manages to drag himself out of bed. I probably try and convince him to stay. Some days I even win for five minutes. 

One of the alarm squeals has probably woken up Rose and she is probably cooing away to herself in the Moses basket. In my zombie like state I scoop her up feed her next to me in bed. Wave goodbye to Elliot whilst Rose gulps away noisily. 

After about twenty minutes, Rose has fed herself to sleep, milk drunk and content. This is my chance to throw myself in the shower. I promise myself it will be quick but end up staring at the shampoo bottle for ten minutes before I have even started. 

When I get out, Rose is still asleep. She’s had a hard morning of eating and sleeping so I let her rest. If I hurry, I know I could be ready by the time she wakes up. But instead I spend half the time staring at the baby and the other half staring at Facebook. 

Rose is awake and I’m still in my dressing gown. Time for another feed. After that, I run a bath for her. Which she loves. I take her out and wrap her in a towel. Which she doesn’t love. 

I Look at the time, and I still have ages to go until I need to leave. I choose out a pretty nappy and spend way too long selecting out an outfit for her. 

Time for another feed. Luckily I’m still not dressed, so easy. 

I look at the time, I have some time left. I put Rose back in her basket and spend way too much time doing my make up. I don’t like my face. I think about what I can do fix it. I then choose my clothes based on what I think hides most of my body and will trick observers into thinking I’m acceptable. 

Rose has another cry so I feed her again. Rose then promptly throws up her entire feed down herself and her clothes, so it’s time to change her. I look at the time one last time. Shit. Now I am definitely late. 

Run downstairs, dismantle the pram, force the pieces into my way too small car, collect a now inexplicably upset (I think she can sense my hurry) Rose and strap her into the car seat, run her to the car, pause a moment before I shut the door and realise I have neither my keys, a spare nappy, my phone or my purse, run around the house trying to locate all these things, soothe Rose again and finally leave my house. 

The last five minutes before leaving, seems to actually have taken me twenty minutes. I should have been where I am going two minutes ago. 

I have totally failed to eat anything. I have checked my Facebook and instagram way more times than necessary but I didn’t have time to put deodorant on. 

I’ll probably be late tomorrow as well. 

Questions for parents before me.

So much about being a parent is frightening. The responsibility of a human life on my shoulders is a scary thought. It is one of the most exciting and yet mundane things possible. What is new and groundbreaking for me has happened hundreds of billions of times before. 

So, I have some questions for those of you that have experienced this path before me. For those whose experience is probably similar and different to mine in lots of ways.
1. Do you ever stop being frightened?

Before Rose I was definitely not the paranoid type. I secretly scoffed at those scared of the killers ane criminals lurking in every bush or passing car. I couldn’t sympathise with a fear of flying because it is so commonplace. And even if the worst did happened, there would nothing I would be able to do to stop it, so nothing to be scared of right? I don’t visit the doctors unless something has fallen off or the pain is enough to incapacitate me. (I tried to walk off a broken ankle once. In the long run I can see that was a bad idea)

But now, I admit, I get it. I look into the eyes of my daughter and see hundreds of possibilities of ways she could be hurt, or worse. I pour over news stories that make me cry to try to find the secret. How can I make sure that unspeakable tragedy doesn’t happen to us? I wake up in the night to check she is breathing (She is usually snoring but I check anyway). I dragged her to the doctors the first time she was sick, only to be witheringly told that babies throw up. It’s normal. 

Does this ever get easier? Or do the fears just change? If it doesn’t ease, then how do we live our lives functioning at this high level of fear? How is the majority of the adult population not a nervous wreck?

2. How do you love more than one? 

I mean it’s obvious that it is possible. People love second, third etc children just as much. That much is obvious just looking around the world. But I honestly cannot comprehend it. I don’t understand how people have the capacity to love more than one baby at the same level I love my Rose.

I’ve always seen myself with more than one baby. But having had my first, I just can’t imagine it. She is the centre of my universe and has changed the way I see the world. 

3. Did you know the last time you held them?

A lot smaller of a question than the other two, but in my opinion, just as important. 

At some point, we go from picking up our babies, to not being able to carry our grown up children. Did you sense it would be your last time you scooped them up when it happened? Or did you only read lose in hindsight that they have suddenly gone and got to big too carry? 

How did you prepare for that last time? Were you grateful you didn’t have to struggle to do it, or do you still miss them in your arms? 

Any answers or more questions? Please pop them in the comments section 🤗

Crying it out…. (or not)

To my beautiful daughter…

I want you to understand, that I will always be there for you. However old you are, whatever your worry is, I resolve to be there and listen and understand as best as I can.

I want you to never feel like if you call I won’t come running.

This is why I have made the choice to hold you every time you cry when you are still my baby. 

I want you to understand that no matter how upset you get, you can calm down. It will get better. 

I can’t deny it is hard. That there hasn’t been times when you won’t stop crying no matter what, and I just want to shut the door and leave you for a few minutes. I love you unconditionally but anyone screaming in my ear can be a little unpleasant, even when it’s you. 

But right now, you are my baby. And I have to do my best to understand that when something is wrong, you don’t understand it and it scares you. Even a little tummy ache must be terrifying for you when you can’t put it into words and don’t know if it will ever end. You need your mummy.

One day, I hope to see you developing these skills all by yourself. I hope you can learn from me and find the strength to calm yourself down whenever possible.

But know that, whenever you can’t. I will be there. To help you make it better

Isn’t it funny?

Today I came out of the shower to a brilliant sight. My beautiful princess was fast asleep. 

Great! I can do my makeup in peace. Maybe I can put a wash on! By the time she wakes up I will be ready to go and I can spend my day focussed on her.

But..that’s not what happens. I don’t want to miss this. Instead I lie down next to her and cuddle her until she wakes up. 

I’m late again. It’s totally worth it xx

Review- Mamas and papas urbo 2- liberty print

I have a confession to make. 

Choosing my pram was the hardest thing I did all 2016.

I mean obviously, that’s not true. I endured being pregnant for nine months. I gave birth to a real life human being. I shaved my legs whilst I was wider then I was tall. But aside from all that, the pram was pretty tricky too.
For a long time, all I wanted was a cosatto ooba in duck egg blue. This is an old design, and so my searching proved fruitless. They basically don’t exist anymore.

I kind of felt like i would never love again, after the ooba heartbreak set in (no I’m not being melodramatic, this is all perfectly rational) I looked high and low for something just as gorgeous to match it. 

And I found it 

Clearly, this pram is truly majestic. The pattern is just beautiful, the brown leatherette handles are perfect and even the chassis is super gorgeous. From an aesthetic point of view, this pram is just perfect.

So far I can only review the carry cot function, as Rose is yet to move on. She loves being in her pram, and when she is having a melt down,  being in it is one of the few things that calms her down.

The pram makes for a very smooth ride. Even crossing over the bumpiest of paths, little miss stays firmly asleep. A big problem though is if you try and go off road. The urbo is clearly designed for city life (urbo- urban get it??) and so the moment I tried to take it on a dog walk, it got a little stuck in the mud. 

The chassis is really lightweight and is super easy to collapse. I also drive a particularly pathetically small car, and I can fit the entire thing in. (I have to detach the front wheels, but that takes seconds) This is definitely a major plus. Well done mamas and papas for thinking of us full grown adults who still drive teenager starter cars. 👏🏻 

You can also buy adapters that turn this into a travel system and make it compatible with certain car seats. Word of warning though, they are labelled right and left as if you were facing the pram and not as if you were standing by the handle bars, which is annoying. 

Overall, the overall beauty and attention to detail with this pram makes it a definite winner. Mamas and papas clearly know their stuff when it comes to design. Just a thought though, I wish they would branch out into car seats. I mean one in this print would just make me the happiest. 

Pros: Lighteeight, easy handling, folds to flat, car seat compatible, extendable handlebar, thoughtful safety strap, super comfy for baby, gorgeous pattern. Beautiful design and attention to detail.

Cons: Struggles off road. No matching car seat. Accessories are extra and not always easy to find, I still can’t track down a pram liner. 

Pregnancy and self-esteem

So being pregnant is supposed to be the happiest time of your life right? You become a beautiful, blossoming carrier of life and you can’t help but feel radiant and gorgeous.

That was definitely not how it was for me.  I’m not talking about the usual terrifying symptoms (heartburn, nausea, nausea, exhaustion, bathroom issues etc) although I got all of them by the bucket load. 

I’m talking about my sense of self. As soon as I started showing, I stopped feeling like me. It’s not like I had a supermodel body before (at all) but i hated seeing myself change beyond my control. 

I became obsessed with whether or not people could tell whether I was pregnant. I felt like everyone was watching me. I didn’t feel human anymore. I felt like pregnant Lauren was a different person to normal Lauren. 

I kept trying to explain to people how I was feeling but nobody understood. The entire time I felt like people talked to the bump and not to me. 

I was so excited to be pregnant. I had waited my entire life for this, and my stupid self-esteem was ruining it for me. 

I can offer no solution to this. I didn’t find a way to make myself feel better. The bigger I got, the more I felt defined by being pregnant. I was nothing more than a host for someone else.

Until the day I got to see my little girl. I know it’s an overused cliche, but she has made all of it worth it. I genuinely struggle to remember how unhappy I was. I have a new, much better identity now. I’m a mum and that is so much better. 😊

I’m so happy, I don’t even mind this horrible photo. 

Review- Eleanor Mary designs Milestone cards

When I found out I was pregnant, I found myself bombarded with must haves I needed to get right away. Thousands of different “must-have” sleep solutions suddenly started stalking my facebook targeted advertising andeveryone and their mother started telling me all the necessary equipment I would need to breastfeed (sidenote- all I have needed are my boobs)

So for that reason I have decided to do something a little different and review not something I needed but something I wanted.

Milestone cards are becoming more and more popular in today’s social media world, and I was not immune to their appeal. Being a bit of a perfectionist sometimes, I was desperate to have something a little different from the pack that was for sale on every other Mothercare counter and so I scoured my favourite place on the internet, etsy, and stumbled upon this beautiful set.


Eleanor Mary is an independent designer based in the U.K who designs and produces different Milestone cards for different occasions.

These cards are gorgeously stylish and very good quality. They include milestones for up to twelve weeks and the months up to one year. Here is Rose with some of my favourites.

(Rose did not enjoy being a Christmas baby)

These cards also include some other milestones, such as smiling, giggling and rolling over.



The real advantage of these cards is that the designer loves making individual, personalised cards for milestones individual to your baby. I’m thinking of getting one for Rose to hold on our wedding day to celebrate being a bridesmaid!

Recently, Eleanor Mary has released a set of my first Milestone cards which I quickly ordered. These are equally gorgeous. I haven’t seen anything similar on the market so they are definitely worth getting. Every time we go anywhere I can’t help but check the cards to see if we can use another one.

Aren’t they (and my baby) gorgeous?

I would totally recommend these cards to any instagram conscious mums out there. I can’t wait to look back over her first years and remember all these beautiful moments. 

Pros:Beautiful design, good quality, excellent personal service.

Cons: Nothing, these are exactly what I wanted.

Please check out Eleanor Mary designs on both notontgehighstreet and etsy.